martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

Kissing Frogs.

Frogs, they leap from leaf to leaf
Out of no where they just leave...

When hungry they could eat
So many bugs they pile inside them indeed

Slimy and gross they could be
But if we don't kiss them
How would I know if there is a prince there for me

There is not other way to go
Kissing frogs is the only way to know
one, two, three...
And you see them leave

After you kiss them if is not a prince
You will see the warts and slimy skin
They come and go, I kiss them all

Where it could be my frog prince to be..
I don't like this fairy tale
It's not fair to me

The frogs wait anxiously
For their kiss
Then they smile and leap graciously and that's it

My conclusion, unfortunately
They are all frogs, there are no prince
how this could be
It's like living in a swamp
Where Shrek and donkey lives

Frogs, frogs, they are everywhere
is like the swarm on Moises time

They are in churches, behind the piano
and singing praises
They preach and have big ministries at their feet

They are professionals, they own their own businesses
They wear glasses and a tie
They say Hello in the mornings and they are polite

They drink beer at the bar
Having fun is the only thing they have in mind

Kissing frogs is the only way to know...
if there is a prince behind the slimy skin
and the croak

 (memories from the past, thanks God I did found my prince, he was behind of one of those slimy skin things...) 2013


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