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Leu Garden

Leu Garden
Exploring my own backyard

August 2 2013

Movie Date Night

While in a process of migration, everybody walking at different speed but all with their beach chairs, blankets, coolers and more to be at once by the largest outdoor screen to watch "The Vow" for a date night under the stars.  We were part of the hundreds that wanted to take advantage of that once a month perfect romantic night. Been our first time, we did not know how popular this activity was between our neighbors, so we took our time to get there, thinking that just been on time at 8:30, the time  that the movie to start was enough. But we discover that been on time wasn't good enough! The parking was full, the instruction to follow was to park on the streets close by, the only problem was that there was no parking anywhere close to the park. While we were looking desperately for a parking we kept seen people and more people walking toward the park with all the needed equipment.   Suddenly our little romantic adventure close to home began to shaped in other way, we even thought of leaving, but I insisted to keep going , at that moment I wanted to know even more, why so much people were there. Finally we found a parking and after walking a while, sweeting and fighting with bugs in the humid warm night we got to our destination around 15 after the movie started. The place was packed! 

Leaving us with the adventure of finding a place to open our beach chairs and bottle of wine. Once we sat down I look around, all this people, under the stars on blankets, opening bottle of wine, cuddling while watching the movie, it was so perfect that no even the heat and bugs couldn't ruin that romantic night for them, even thought at the beginning of next month we could have another one maybe even a better night.

xamlinnette. :)

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